Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Seeing Results

I just started tray 6 on Monday. I had an appointment to get the next three sets of trays and be checked out by my orthodontist. She was very happy with the way things were looking. It's really exciting to get the new trays to see the improvements! I have 6, 7 and 8 now (out of 16 top and 15 bottom). I like to take out tray 1 and compare it to the most recent tray that I have.

I can honestly say that I can see things changing. The tooth that sits on top of my front tooth has moved back a bit and my two front teeth are slowly moving to be side by side! This is really exciting to be able to notice a difference! I have to go back to the orthodontist when I finish tray 8 on March 24th. She said that she will be "slenderizing" (tooth shaving in other words) some of the teeth. I can see why this needs to be done with a crowded mouth. I'm not sure what it's going to feel like, but I can't imagine that it's pleasant. She will either be using something that is like floss that files the tooth down or a drill. It depends on how things look when I get there.

So here's a side by side from the original snapshot to one that I just took this morning. It's not a huge difference, but it's good to see some change!


Anonymous said...

Sharon, Your teeth are starting to really come together. I can see a huge difference with your front two teeth.

I just started tray 13 last night (16U and 20L) and my ortho shaved between a bunch of my teeth when i was there. He used the floss type sandpaper nail file contraption. It wasn't that bad. I just think the sound of it was worse - i really didn't fee anything.

Anyway, Congrats. And thanks for your blog. Its really great

Mary said...

Hi Sharon

I've just started Invisalign (on my first set). It's something I've wanted to do for years. I woke up on New Years Day and decided this was the year. Next week I am having some teeth shaved (doesn't it sound strange!).

For me, it was the animation, which made me finally choose Invisalign. Being able to see what it will look like afterways was wonderful.

Thanks for you blog. It helped a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon.

Looks great. I am on my first set (14U/18L) and change to 2nd set on Tuesay; I can't wait. Call me crazy but I feel like I see a change already but it's probably b/c I want to!

Love the blog; it's a great resource to understand what other people are experiencing...

Fernanda said...

Hi Sharon,

I've been looking for some information about Invidalign and I have to say that your videos are helping a lot.
I'm Brazilian and I used braces for 2 years 10 years ago. Well, it was not that bad... I survived! ;)
Well, I'm living in Austria and now it's my husband's turn!
The orthodontist suggested Invidalign and I was a bit suspicious, coz you can actually take them off when you want.
So this treatment requires more responsibility, of course.
I just wanted to say, I'll show my husband your videos and more information about Invidalign.
Also, the results look amazing!! So another reason to convince him... hehehe
Thanks for your help!

Eka said...

hi Sharon, i'm Eka from Russia, i just got invisalign last friday, so it was helpful for me to find your blog. thanks a lot =) i'm getting my attachments in a week and a half, so it's very good to be aware in advance of what i should be ready for.

the difference between your "before" and "tray 6" photos is obvious, and it actually IS huge!

i just don't understand one thing - why you wrote in your January update that you're on tray 13/16 U and 13/15 L. was it 3? because you're back on 6 now... and you just started in November, 6-th tray set is where you shoud be by now.

i wonder if i should have my teeth shaved, my orthodontist told me nothing about it. i'd have two teeth shaved if it was up to me to decide. were you warned beforehand? if they didn't include narrowing my teeth in the treatment plan, i don't think i can propose to change it anymore... =(

Sharon said...

Thanks for the comments and feedback everyone!

Eka, I'm so glad that you are finding my blog helpful! Best of luck with your Invisalign.

Oops, thanks for pointing out that mistake, yes I meant to type tray 3of 16 and 3 of 15.

The tooth shaving is done for crowded mouths. When the teeth shift, threre isn't enough room for them to slide into place next to each other, so the orthodontist takes of a tiny bit of enmal so the teeth can fit into place. I'll be having it done in two weeks so I will post my experience then.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog!

I just got my invisalign today, and already have attachments and have had the filing done.

I will be having 20 upper and 15 lower.


Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

Hi, Sharon. I've been looking around online for more information regarding Invisalign. My friends have mentioned it to me, including my dentist (Lake Forest, IL). After seeing a number of cool facts about this treatment, I think I'd like to have one.

I'm thankful to have found this site. I now have a solid, true-to-life account regarding Invisalign. Next week, I'll go visit one of our local dentists (Lake Forest, Illinois) for consultation.