Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting Closer To The End

My orthodontist was very pleased with the results so far at my appointment last week. She decided to give me the last 5 trays. I'm still very happy with the way they look. It's amazing to be able to see the progress! I'm now on trays 12 of 16 and could possibly be done in late July. There is an issue of one of my front teeth appearing to be slanting a bit, but she will evaluate that in July. She will take x-rays and if the root is not straight, I will get refinements. It's a tooth that has bonding on it and it's quite possible that by shaping the bonding better, it will no longer look that way.

If she decides that I am done in July and need no refinements, she will remove the attachments. She will make a new mold of my teeth and make a retainer for me in her office. I'm a little nervous about the retainer because she said that it isn't as flexible or clear as the Invisalign aligners. She's thinking that I will have to wear it full-time for 3 to 6 months. I'm not to excited about this but am thinking that it isn't as critical to get 22 hours a day in since it's a retainer. (I need to confirm this thought) I'm looking forward to going out and eating a meal, going out for coffee or a snack and not having to worry about brushing my teeth!

Here's another snapshot of the progress:


Anonymous said...

Looking good! I just put on my 4th trays (4/31 U and 4/15 L)on Wednesday. I can't wait to see results like yours! Jennifer, Stillwater, OK

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon,
I'd love to read an are so close to the end!!How exciting..I'll be starting my 3rd trays (3/20 U and 3/18 L) in about 4 days..So far so good. :-)
Rebekah, TX

shawnna89 said...

Your results are great! You have a great blog, keep it up! I am somewhat of a slacker with mine but you really go into detail. Good luck with your last trays.

Alan Russell said...

**Important IPR Decision**

IPR needs to be done manually and not by the drill. The reason being is that the drill could remove too much of the tooth leaving a larger space which would require more trays. My invisalign dentist who has been with Align Technology from the getgo always does the trims by the sand paper hand tool. He informed me that this gives the dentist the best & most accurate control in accomplishing the needed space for the present tray and future trays. ALWAYS insist that the trims are done manually - it is your right becuase the drill IPR results are irreversible.

Alan Russell said...

wow! god job.look so well. You may now have a perfect gorgeous smile!

Quincy Dentist said...

I believe you are now confident to show your perfect smile! You'll get even more beautiful!