Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just when I thought they weren't noticeable!

I can't believe it. I had dinner the other night with someone that I have never met in person before. We had only communicated via email and website forums. She had no idea about my Invisalign treatment. About 20 minutes after getting our food and chatting, she says "So, what is that, pointing to my mouth, are you wearing braces?" I was shocked!! These are my last trays and not a single person has appeared to notice my Invisalign! She's a fellow photographer and we do tend to be very aware of small details. She said that she noticed them from 10 feet away! Now that's observant! I'm starting to feel paranoid now. I'm wondering how many people have noticed and were afraid to ask!!


Kiwikaren said...

Maybe she's more observant due to being a photographer.

I've been wearing mostly metal brackets for three years and I'm continually amazed at people asking me if there's something different about my mouth. I think it has something to do with the way I talk at times. I've not tired to hide my having braces in any way ... I just believe that most people are too busy with their own lives, to be interested in what's being done to my jaws.

Good luck with finishing your treatment.

Anonymous said...

was it the braces or the attatchments that she noticed?

Sharon said...

I'm not sure which she noticed first, but she noticed both.

L to the Aura said...

I find it very rude when people ask a question like that.

I have had several people notice my invisalign... and my attachments are in obscure places so I didn't feel that they were very noticeable at all. I feel like a lot of people actually do notice them but some people just have common sense enough not to bring it up.

I put myself in someone else's shoes and if I noticed something like that, I would probably think something like: "Well, I suppose there is a REASON they wanted clear, invisable braces... so that people wouldn't notice."

But every now and then you meet a person who's curiosity will get the best of them.

I think some people genuinely don't notice, but that a lot of people do and are just too polite to mention it.

I've started to not care so much if people know. :)

BTW, your teeth look awesome!

Anonymous said...

there are teeth people who notice and care and would be truly interested to hear how many millimeters your teeth have moved and blah blah blah and there are people who never notice, could care less and don't want to know why you're fixing your teeth. it seems to me that the ratio is about 50/50 and i can tell right away who notices and who doesn't. i tell the people who notice and they are fun to talk to about it and don't say a word to those who don't notice or care.

Anonymous said...

you may not be able to answer thede questions but i didnt want to ask my dentist and thought you might be know the answers. i recently just had the mold taken of my teeth that are to be sent to invisalign and am unsure weather i am able to have them or not yet. I was just wondering if the price i had to pay for this will included in the overall price of the braces, and also what is the average cost of the treatment because i am unsure if what i am paying is right? your teeth look great by the way.

Sharon said...

You really need to ask your dentist that question. I knew what I was paying for and what I was getting way before the molds were even taken.

Colleen said...

Sharon -

I want to thank you for taking the time to video and blog about your invisalign treatment.

After reading and watching the video I made my appointment to start the process.

I'm 48 and have wanted to have my teeth fixed since high school.

Your blog and video was my encouragement to start this process.

You look great! Thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

Several people noticed mine before I even got attachments. Heck I noticed someone else's that I didnt even know had them. Sorry to tell you they are not invisible to people who pay attention to detail, especially in artificial light or in sunny areas where your teeth will look extra shiny. Your teeth are doing great, dont get too wrapped up in whether people realize you are wearing braces or not, at this point people should notice that your smile is getting fabulous!

Silvia said...

Hi Sharon, how are you doing?
I´m from Brazil and I would like to thank you for helping me get invisalign. You were very important for me to decide getting my trays! I´ve been conected to your blog during all your treatment and your teeth look amazing!!! I hope mine could look as beautifull as yours!!!

Sharon said...

I'm so happy that so many of you found my blogs helpful! Thank you for taking the time out to leave me comments!

Anonymous said...

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baby4brenn said...

Since you have to brush after everything you eat, do you constantly have the toothpaste taste in your mouch because i hate that taste for long??? Or could you rinse the aligners with water or mouth wash before you put them back in then you wont have that taste???? How long did it take you total for the treatment? can you please email me and let me know these answers cause i'm knew at asking questions on here. thanks

Sharon said...

Sharon, Did they shave down between your teeth? I just got my first set and they took a total of 1.2mm off between my upper front teeth and I'm FREAKING OUT. Of course, EVERYTHING I eat is now getting stuck in my newly created gaps. And the attachment devices on on my eye teeth so I can't even smile without looking like a she-demon. AND they want to take another 2mm from between my front teeth in the next 6 weeks. I'm freaking out and wondering if this was a good decision.
Sharon Seitz

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,
I'm sure that you have probably taken finished with your treatment by now, but I've just stumbled onto your blog will researching Invisalign. Regardless, I just wanted to tell you how brave you are to share your experience with everyone. Thank you so much!

Greg said...

Sharon You're the Best!!!
We're all Love U. :D

Brandon said...

Thanks Sharon. After reading your story and all, I think I'm ready to commit to this. I am also willing to give updates if I happen to follow down this road. I really want my teeth to be straighter cause when I relax my jaw my teeth stick out and I hate it :( Best of luck - even though you already went through it, but to whoever else is going through this. Thank you Sharon.

Richmond Dentist said...

Hi Sharon!

I'd like to let you know that deciding to have the invisalign was a good choice!