Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This Is It!

This is hopefully my last week of trays anyway. I am wearing my last top refinement tray. (I was given 3 additional trays, BTW) I'm still wearing 15 of 15 on the bottom as a retainer. All of the bottom attachments were removed at my last appointment. My next appointment is on Monday, September 22. It is my hopes that we are both happy enough with the results that she will remove the two upper attachments and allow me to continue wearing the trays are retainers. Do I feel that the tops are 100% perfect...well, not exactly, but it's really, really close. I know that if my orthodontist agreed with me, she would be willing to throw on metal braces to complete the job. If that's the case, I will pass. These are close enough for me and I'm feeling ready to be free of orthodontics soon. From my understanding, Invisalign only gives you one set of refinements, and my orthodontist will finish anything with braces for no additional cost. But honestly, I am quite happy with the results. My teeth look so much better now. Plus, I just can't wait to be attachment free!

I also wanted to mention my experience with a Invisalign and travelling. Honestly, it's a pain. I took a trip to Seattle last month and found it a little bit annoying to always try to figure out where to brush my teeth. This was a working trip so I was on the go with my camera gear all day, trying to eat quick lunches and then figure out what to do about my trays. One bit of advice my orthodontist gave me was that if I couldn't brush, swish really well with water and put them back in. One advantage that I did have on the trip was that I was waiting for my refinements and I'd been wearing the same trays for several weeks so it was okay to go a little extra time without them in. If you are considering Invisalign, keep this in mind if you travel a bit.

At some point when the attachments are off, I will be taking new photos, so be on the look out for those. I will also be creating an Invisalign FAQ's here. I've gotten so many questions about them and a lot are the same so I think having a FAQ's will be very helpful to all considering this orthodontic treatment.

Also, I apologize to all who have left me comments and questions here and at YouTube that I have not yet responded to. I've been really busy and haven't had the chance to sit down and answer. I will be working on that slowly but surely!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon - thanks for your blog! It's really helped me make my decision to go ahead with invisalign. I'll be starting next month. The one thing that's been nagging at me is, do you ever really get used to having something completely covering all your teeth? After a while, do you really not even notice them? And do you feel like you spoke completely normal with them after a while or did you always have a slight lisp, even at the end of this? Many thanks!

oceanstyle said...

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Anonymous said...

Align offer THREE free refinements.

Sharon said...

I guess I can say that after 10 months I am used to them, but I am still conscious of them. I still run my tongue over them and bite down on them.

I think that I speak pretty much normally, but I do slip up once in a while.

I wish that I would have known about that flossing product earlier on!

oblivion said...

Hey sharon,

Great Documentation. I believe it would really be helpful to people who are thinking of invisalign.

I would like to the videos you created on the dental health site im building
I hope thats just fine with you

oblivion said...

Great Documentation. I believe it would really be helpful to people who are thinking of invisalign.

I would like to put the videos you created on the dental health site im building
I hope thats just fine with you

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,I'm 28 yo... really helpful your blog and your videos.
I'm from Italy (Como,the Lake...ecc ecc...) and I'm starting Invisalign at the end of the month.
I went to a "platinum" dentist, seems very experienced.
Do people notice the attachments?As I work in a call center I speak a lot, was it difficult to speak the first days?
He said in my case it'll take 8 months, costs? 3000 euros,I don't know now how much that is in USD.
But it's not as expensive as I expected.
Somebody suggested me to put on veneers,but each is 900 euros!Insane price.
SO I decided to keep my original teeth and be patient for about 8 months.
Now you really have a beautiful smile!!!
Arrivederci :-))

Lisa said...

Hi Everyone,

I've had Invisalign for a little over two months. I will be starting on tray 5/20U and 5/19L tonight. Although I haven't seen any amazing change yet, the process has been going smoothly and I would recommend Invisalign to anyone!

I have two questions for you Sharon,

1-Do you know the maximum number of trays in a refinement stage? You said you got three...but is there a chance that they give you a set of like 10? I'm assumming not since it seems more like an entire treatment then a refinement but I was just curious.

2-My ortho is almost positive that Invisalign won't correct my bite 100%. Did your ortho mention how long you would have to wear traditional braces if you chose to get them after the refinement process?

Thank you so much for the time you have put into this blog it has been a great help for me and others as well, thanks again!

Anonymous said...

First off I want to thank you for this blog, it made me decide to go with Invisalign since you really can't see them compared to braces. I'm on my third week, last week they put the attachments on.

I just had a couple questions for you. First, I saw your Clincheck I was wondering did your ortho do that or invisalign? I remember reading something that someone could see how their teeth would move and the final product but I'm not sure what it is called. My ortho hasn't showed me anything which makes me nervous because I do have an extreme case. I don't want to be wasting my time and money.

Also, I started my second tray yesterday and its already really lose and it feels like I didn't even change them. No pain or anything, did you experience the same? I want to make sure my teeth are moving!

Let me know when you get a chance and thank you again so very much!

Anonymous said...

I think it should not be loose at all. I am on my eighth tray right now, and every time I put a new tray on, it would feel really tight and sore for first couple of days. If it's loose, it may not move your teeth into proper position for the next set of tray. Maybe you should consult your orthodontist about it. Or wait until Sharon's reply.

Btw, Sharon, thank you so much for blogging your invisalign adventure. It really help me through the tough days getting used to new brushing habits. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon. Let me chime in and congratulate you on such an excellent blog! I can't thank you enough-- you are far more helpful and informative than my dentist. Now, did you get your teeth whitened somewhere along the 8-month or so process? They look whiter than the earlier pictures...
Thank you again and best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

My question is follow-up to Lisa's about the refinement process. My ortho barely spends any time with me and I don't think explained everything entirely at the beginning of this process. I'm on 7/16 for upper and lower and wear them for 3 wks each, but my ortho said the entire process will take about 20 months...which is well over 1 year that I initially figured on. I'm so anxious for these attachments to come off b/c 2 of the 9 are on my top front teeth!

Anonymous said...

I never put a question in that last comment...I guess my question is how long refinement can take and if it's basically the same process as the initial treatment.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting my invisalign soon, just waiting for the trays to arrive, and my dentist said invisalign offers three free refinements.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon.

I have decided to start Invisalign treatment after some time considering it. I can see one clear dilemma; I like to go out for drinks from time to time. Have you any experience in drinking alcohol with the trays in? Have you used the trays for 22 ours every day?

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Richard Wright said...

Great progress! I'm looking into getting invisalign for myself in Charlotte. You've given me hope!

Holly James said...

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