Monday, October 15, 2007

Molds & X-Rays Today

Today was the official start of this little adventure! I wasn't really sure what to expect today. It was pretty simple and 99% painless. :) After I made my first payment, I was escorted to the next room. The next step was a series of photographs. I was surprised to see that they were using a very old Canon 35mm camera! I had several shots taken which pretty much felt like mug shots. (no glamor photography here, that's for sure!) They were using a ring flash on the lens to get some close up teeth shots. Next was an x-ray machine that held my head in place by putting things in my ear. This was quite the contraption! Then it was over to the panoramic x-ray machine that took an x-ray all around my head. And finally they finished up with a couple of frontal bite shots. Wow, I should be glowing from all of that radiation!

Now the fun begins with the molds. I've read a blog or two of other Invisalign patients and none seemed to appreciate this experience. So, I braced myself. Honestly, it really wasn't that bad. The goop that they use isn't the most pleasant tasting stuff in the world but it was tolerable. The problem that I had was that the first molds didn't come out complete and she had to put a little more goop over the bad spot and make me bite down hard for 4 minutes. That was my 1% of pain for the day. My jaw was a little sore and shaking for a little bit after that. It was the same feeling that you get in your arm muscles after carrying something that was a little bit too heavy for you.

And that was it! Now the hard part, waiting! It could be 4 to 6 weeks before I get my trays. My orthodontist says that she is very picky so she almost never accepts the first ClinCheck that comes in. It will probably be a few more weeks before I post further. Hopefully when I do, I have nothing but good things to say! :)

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Desiree said...

congrats on the decision and enjoy... yes, there will be times that you find it uncomfortable.. but from my experience the first week is the most uncomfortable... after that there is nothing as bad!