Wednesday, November 7, 2007


My orthodontist called today to tell me that after making changes, she finally got the ClinCheck where she wants it! She had me drop by to check it out and was cool enough to let me video tape it! I'm really excited now! She's approved it and now the trays will be manufactured. They could be here in as little as two more weeks. Oh, another surprise that I got is that I will only need 16 trays for the top and 14 for the bottom, which is less than she expected. She seems pretty confident that we will want refinements it may take a little longer if they don't turn out as expected.

The little dots on my teeth are where they will put "attachments." These are little tooth colored pieces that are glued to the teeth to help them move.

Here's the Clincheck:

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Anonymous said...

You could have asked the dentist to get you the ClinCheck coverted into .avi files that you can play in Windows Media Player.

It can be done but dentists at least mine have to be pushed somewhat to get it done.