Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The First Week

After almost an entire week of wearing my Invisalign, here are some of my thoughts. I'm still getting used to them being in my mouth. I am very aware of them and am running my tongue over them all of the time. I often find myself pushing on them and wanting to bite down on them. I feel as though I am speaking fairly well with them but I have to pay attention so that I line up my front teeth in just the right spot to get a good "S" sound. So far the visibility of them has been the best part. Even though I feel like they screaming out to everyone "Hi! Look at me!" nobody has pointed them out. The first day that I had them in, my husband was speaking with me and didn't even realize that I had them in yet. My mother knew that I was getting them but I decided to let her figure it out for herself and after two days, my daughter spilled the beans to her. She never even noticed and was very surprised. The rest of my family and friends aren't aware that I am going though the Invisalign process and haven't said anything to me about it. As far as pain goes, they were a bit sore the first few days and I took a Tylenol to help with that. But for the most part, it's quite bearable. I know very well that when the attachments come in a few weeks, it will be a different story. But that's okay, no pain no gain!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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