Thursday, November 29, 2007

Week 2

Today marks my second week of wearing Invisalign. I still have another week to go in the same trays. My orthodontist wants me to wear the first two sets for 3 weeks. Here's a quick video update that I recorded yesterday:

My next post will probably be in a week to talk about moving from one tray to the next.


Jen said...

Hi There!

I have been visiting your site for a few weeks now. Thank you so much for doing this. I'm being fitted for my Invisalign on Tuesday and similar to you, it was a decision long in the making but I am excited to do it! Thank you for all your posts - they have been so helpful. I will continue to check in!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sharon,
I started my "Invisalign adventure" yesterday, with the mold process. So it will be several weeks before I get my set of trays. I really appreciated your video and speaking with Invisalign. Since I have to talk for a living, I was concerned about this aspect. My daughter-in-law is a speech pathologist, and she thought it would be a fairly quick adjustment, but your video really made me feel more confident. Thank you!

BadBoy said...

Excellent video, Sharon!
Should help new invisaligners greatly, showing how easy it is and the way to pop out an aligner.
Good luck to you, I hope you have the great success with invisalign I had the past year!

Joop-Invisalign Adventure said...

Hi Sharon,

I just got my invisalign 5 days ago and i started a blog. My blog you can't actually view from google if you search for it. Obviously, since this is how i found yours, you can view yours by searching on google. Is there something you have to do to make this possible? Thanks, J