Thursday, December 6, 2007

Trays 2

Just a quick post...after dinner this evening, I switched to my second trays. I've had the first in for three weeks and I'm glad to change them. They felt like they were getting loose. These are SUPER tight and a slight bit uncomfortable. But I expected that. What I didn't expect was for the upper right hand side to not want to completely cover the back molar. At first I thought that it was a defect (it was too late to call my orthodontist), but now I'm guessing that the teeth need to shift a bit. It felt horrible for the first hour or so. I kept biting down on it and it would feel as though it snapped in place and when I'd let go it would snap off. Now it's feeling a little more secure. Hopefully by morning, it will feel completely normal. This is the last set of trays that I will wear without attachments. I have 6 of them coming my way in 3 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me..I got my attachments on Tuesday morning and my second set of was SUPER tight as well and when the trays were in, I would bite down and I heard this pop noise ( I think my trays weren't fitting exactly perfectly b/c I would bite down and then it felt like they finally snapped in place but when I lifted my teeth off my bottom teeth the tray went back to not being in its right place...) but after wearing it a day, by the next day or possibly even that same night I got them, I didn't have that problem anymore.)This is my 3rd day with 9 attachments and my second trays (U 2/20 and L 2/18)..I have already noticed some of my teeth have shifted a little! :)Thanks for your helpful blogs..its fun to read your experience b/c mine is similar to yours except I have more crowding on my bottom teeth..your teeth are looking fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Geez I got my attachments for the first set of trays...horrible! I didnt know it would be SOOOO hard to take off. You can read about my experience on my blog....

My case is very different from you I guess. My results were almost instant. I was supposed to get my second trays yesterday ( within 3 weeks) but Im going to have to wait to week 5 because I cant get back to my handsome dentist in time.

Thanks Sharon. I always follow your youtube post and i just discovered ya blog ( i know the link was there all along...good stuff!)